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Microfragmented Fat

Lipogems microfragmented fat is a minimally invasive, FDA cleared option that can be performed in the clinic or adjunct to arthroscopic or orthopaedic surgery to help heal damaged or injured tissue.

Are you in the orthopaedic treatment gap?

The treatment gap is the time period between limited relief or failure of conservative efforts (such as physical therapy, pain medications, activity modification, viscosupplementation) and the time when they undergo surgical intervention. Typically, patients are in the “treatment gap” for 9-20 years and even 40 years for younger patients.

“Our goal is to help these patients by providing FDA cleared options backed by peer-reviewed scientific literature to help them live happier and healthier lives. Historically, societies needs helps advance medical care. Many orthopaedic surgeons only offer conservative options and major surgery. Oftentimes, physicians are waiting for really strong studies (prospective, randomized double blinded trials) to support the use of these new therapies or modalities. By the time things become mainstream, we have lost the ability to help patients. It is important to provide patients options that are right for their lifestyle and bridge the gap.” Said Dr. Patel.

Why do you use a patient’s own fat tissue for orthopaedic issues?

There is a major benefit of using your own tissue and that is processed minimally. Fat is a very powerful tissue that has been used for medical purposes since World War I. There are many benefits of fat! Fat is easy to collect from the abdomen or love handles using a minimally invasive procedure using local anesthetic. Studies have shown that the quantity of important cells in the fat does not decline with age as it does with other cell sources 1,2,3,4 A clear advantage of using one’s own tissue is the decreased likelihood for rejection or infection. Because fat is a structural tissue, it provides cushion and support, allowing it to support healing of the damaged tissues.

Dr. Patel says “Many people have enough fatty tissue reserves in either their abdomen or love handles/upper buttocks area. Even your skinny or athletic patients have extra fatty tissue in the love handles area. Most people say “take as much fat as you would like!” The fat can be processed using an FDA cleared device called Lipogems that washes, rinses, and resizes the fat to an optimal size using only simple saline. The output is called Microfragmented Fat and it can be injected into multiple sites in either your knees and shoulder in the same setting.”

What is Lipogems and is it FDA cleared for use in orthopedics?

Lipogems uses a patient’s own fat with a patented system that processes and resizes the tissue in just minutes. The processed tissue is called Micro-fragmented Fat™ (MFAT) and it is injected into injured areas to help provide cushion and support the healing of damaged tissues. In comparison, the pothole can be filled with asphalt and allows cars to drive over it. MFAT is very similar because it is injected into the area where there is damaged or injured tissue and it provides cushioning to allow the area to heal naturally. “Lipogems is FDA cleared for use in orthopaedics and arthroscopic surgery to help support the healing of damaged or injured tissue. There have been over 55,000 procedures performed worldwide for the past 8 years and with positive experiences and minimal complications. There are also over 115 peer-reviewed scientific publications about this procedure.”, said Dr. Patel.

Dr. Patel’s top reasons for using Lipogems

Multiple Injections in the Same Session: “It is very common for patients to suffer from multiple orthopaedic issues in either their knees or shoulders. This is a result of common wear and tear and/or compensating for one issue leads to another issue. This is especially true for people who put a lot of impact on their body like marathoners, triathletes, military personnel, etc. I like using Lipogems is the system washes, rinses, and resizes your own fat tissue for multiple injection sites in either both knees or both shoulders during a single session with minimal downtime from the procedure and minimal pain medication.” Said Dr. Patel.

Natural, Minimally Invasive Procedure with Minimal Complications/Risk: “Using your own tissue has minimal chance of rejection or infection. There have been over 55,000 Lipogems procedures performed with a low rate of minor complications (1-2%) and no major complications reported.” Said Dr. Patel.

Strong Scientific Evidence from Leading Institutions: “As board certified orthopaedic and sports medicine surgeon, it is important to for us to follow the clinical and scientific evidence. Lipogems has over 115+ peer-reviewed publications with 3-year follow-up supporting Lipogems. The scientific and clinical studies were performed at leading institutions such as New York University, Harvard University, Emory University, and others. The evidence has been presented at leading orthopaedic and sports medicine societies.”

Economical and Efficient: “The procedure is economical and the majority of the patients receive one procedure. There is minimal down time required with the Lipogems procedure. Our patients are happy with the procedure. Even if they need the treatment to be repeated again down the road they are happy to do it. It is important to know that each patient’s results will vary.”

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