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In-Office Needle Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is the gold standard for the diagnosis of intra-articular knee or shoulder pathology. Standard arthroscopy is typically performed in an operating room with the patient given regional or general anesthesia. Dr. Patel now offers in-office knee or shoulder arthroscopy that uses only local anesthetics and a camera the size of a 14-gauge needle. The new technology of the Mi-Eye disposable camera provides quality images of the internal structures of the knee or shoulder.

The procedure is done under local anesthetic and takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes to complete and patients can resume normal daily activities afterwards.

Dr. Patel is one of the leading users of this minimally invasive technology in the country and serves as an instructor to other surgeons.

In-office arthroscopy is especially useful for patients whose MRIs are inconclusive, particularly for cartilage or meniscus problems of the knee. Often times these images are required for insurance approval of cartilage restoration surgery and can save a patient a trip to the operating room.  In addition, in-office arthroscopy can be an option for people who cannot tolerate MRI due to claustrophobia or because they have pacemakers or other metal implants.

The procedure is of minimal risk, essentially the same as an injection. Given its safety and efficacy, Dr. Patel has developed and published a new technique to treat patients with frozen shoulder. Persistent frozen shoulder (also known as adhesive capsulitis) can be disabling and a source of significant distress to patients affected by it.  With the Mi-Eye, Dr. Patel is able to distend the shoulder capsule and manually correct the problem while also visualizing the inside of the shoulder and making sure no other problems are present.  Patients typically feel immediate relief.

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