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Dr. Ronak M. Patel

Dr. Ronak M. Patel

Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Patel is among the few physicians in Chicago performing advanced cartilage restoration and meniscal transplantation procedures.

Patient Testimonial

  • I’d like to thank you for how well you took care of me throughout the pre & post op to date.

    - R.L.
  • The service we received was first class and exceptional beginning with the valet, Stan, and assistant, Julio, who helped us get out of the car.

    - L P
  • Dr. Patel is top notch. His exam was thorough and complete. He took the time to compare results from prior injury.

    - A N
  • I felt comfortable with Dr. Patel, and was glad that he took the time to understand/evaluate my situation.

    - M.M.
  • Dr. Patel, performed my ACL reconstruction surgery along with pre and post op visits. During the pre op visit Dr. Patel was able to explain my condition in detail and delivered options

    - E.S.
  • Dr. Patel provided me with excellent care and treatment. From the first consultation, to surgery, and throughout the follow-up he gave clear and concise explanations of my condition and what to expect.

    - JP

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