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When to Seek a Second Opinion for an ACL Injury

Posted on: March 21st, 2023 by Our Team

ACL reconstructions are among the most common sports medicine procedures performed in the United States, numbering about 100,000 each year according to the CDC.

ACL reconstruction surgery is a common procedure performed with the goal to restore the knee’s movement and stability. Through a minimally invasive arthroscopic procedure, the torn ligament can be removed and replaced with a tissue graft.  The patient has a choice in treatment  when undergoing ACL reconstruction and understanding graft differences can help patients make an informed decision.

Although ACL reconstruction is recognized as a successful procedure, approximately ten percent of patients may experience ACL failure after reconstruction.1 The number one reason for graft failure is surgeon tunnel malpositioning.

When performing ACL reconstruction, tunnels are drilled into the bones to accept the new tissue graft.  It is important for the surgeon to measure accurately down to the millimeter to ensure proper positioning of the graft.  Much like your car being out of alignment, a misaligned tunnel can cause undue stress to the graft resulting in future failure.

Traditional reconstruction techniques use a single bundle graft typically placed in a non-anatomic position.  Recently, however, focus has been placed on the native anatomy of the ACL.  Because each person has a unique size and shape to their ACL, anatomic ACL reconstruction seeks to restore the ACL to its native dimensions, collagen orientation, and insertion sites.2

If you have experienced the following symptoms and an orthopedic surgeon has suggested ACL surgery, you may want to contact Dr. Ronak Patel for a second opinion.

  • Pain with weight bearing
  • Swelling
  • Limited motion or locking of the knee
  • Difficulty twisting, turning, or pivoting
  • A second ACL tear
  • Need for a brace

Obtaining a second opinion can provide clarity regarding your care and condition, help you receive an accurate diagnosis, inform you about additional treatment options, and give you a better physical outcome.

Dr. Patel uses new technology to ensure excellent outcomes and has performed thousands of successful ACL reconstructions allowing for quicker rehabilitation, earlier weight-bearing, and often doesn’t require bracing after surgery. If you would like a second opinion regarding your knee injury, call Dr. Patel today.

Ronak Patel, MD is a Board-Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon specializing in Sports Medicine injuries for teens and adults in Chicagoland and NW Indiana. Dr. Ronak Patel has performed thousands of successful ACL reconstructions allowing a quicker rehabilitation, earlier weight-bearing and often doesn’t require bracing after ACL reconstruction. Dr. Patel utilizes an evidence-based, efficient rehabilitation program to allow athletes of all levels (high school, collegiate, and professional) get back to competing at the highest level.



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