Patient Videos

  • Douglas Stone is doing well after Meniscus Repair surgery with Dr. Ronak Patel.

  • Lynne Orthobiologic injections with PRP

    Lynne is a very active patient who was bothered by chronic hamstring tendinitis. She underwent Orthobiologic injections with PRP (platelet rich plasma) performed in the clinic under ultrasound guidance and is doing very well!

  • William ACL Reconstruction

    William underwent ACL Reconstruction performed by Dr. Ronak Patel and has been cleared to return to sports!

  • Max D. Shoulder Labrum Testimonial

    Max D. shares his experience after shoulder labrum surgery with Dr. Ronak Patel. Max returns to an active lifestyle, fully recovered after 6 months.

  • Dawn H. Osteotomy MACI

    Dawn H. shares her story after an osteotomy and cartilage implantation surgery performed by Dr. Ronak Patel.

    "It's the best decision that I've ever made in my life." - Dawn

  • Anthony Z. Shoulder Patch Testimonial

    Anthony Z. shares his story after rotator cuff patch shoulder surgery.

    "My experience with Dr. Patel was nothing short of amazing." - Anthony

  • ICU Nurse, Sue, shares her patient story after surgery with Dr. Ronak Patel

    ICU Nurse, Sue, shares her story after hamstring and cartilage surgery with Dr. Ronak Patel. We are grateful that Sue can get back to the frontline helping patients.

  • Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation

  • Charlie after undergoing multiple meniscus repair surgeries

    Charlie is a high school basketball player who injured both his knees and had multiple surgeries. He has been resilient and dedicated to his rehab. Here he is after his last meniscus repair surgery which was performed in April 2019 on the left knee. He was cleared back to basketball!

    By - Charlie 
  • Meredith after her osteotomy with cartilage implantation

    Meredith is a 33 year old female who presented to me with severe left knee pain. She had seen multiple other doctors and received various injections and physical therapy but continued to have debilitating pain. During her freshman year of high school (2001) she was playing soccer and she was kicked and her left patella (kneecap) dislocated. She had also suffered a fracture and dealt with recurrent instability. She wanted a definitive answer and was referred to Dr. Patel.

    By - Meredith
  • Adam B. - Video testimonial

  • Hi Dr. Patel!,

    Last week, I traveled to Harlan, Kentucky where I completed my seventh mission trip! Time flies when you’re having fun! The week flew by and we helped so many people and touched so many lives while doing so. I met more people and reconnected with old friends who I worked with and met in the past while down there. Here are some pictures of my week! Last Monday, we kicked off our week with a 9-2:30 work day and snuck in a mile and a half, 659 foot incline, 40 minute hike up a mountain! Last year I had to sit this one out, but I was back in action this year and wasn’t even the least bit sore the next day. Knee is feeling amazing and I’m so thankful for the surgery. It keeps me doing things I love and even better, pain free! We returned Saturday and I ended up going up to my friends lake house in Michigan and spent all of Sunday boating. We decided to do some wake surfing off the back of her boat and when I returned Sunday evening, I for sure thought my mom would’ve had a coronary when I showed her what I did that day. Again, I woke up Monday and not the least bit sore in my knee or legs at all. (Arms, and back are a COMPLETE different story!!!!) I haven’t been partaking in water sports since my first knee surgery because I truly never felt 100%. Glad to say I AM BACK! 

    Thank you so much to you and your team for getting me back to my normal self. I feel stronger than ever and I finally feel free to do the things I did before my first surgery! 

    Thanks for everything! 

    By - LiZ V 
  • Kevin who had re-alignment surgeries and cartilage restoration to both knees after dealing with bone on bone arthritis on the inside of both knees for over 10 years.

  • Did ACL/MCL surgery on this high school baseball player and he's back on the field playing without restrictions

  • Patrick - Left Knee Bucket handle Meniscus

    Patrick is a 15 year old athlete who came to me after he re-tore his lateral meniscus after initial surgery to repair by another surgeon. He had a large bucket handle tear of the meniscus and I was able to get a nice repair on it. We used some additional biologic techniques to get the meniscus to heal quicker and better than his first surgery. He was very compliant after surgery and worked hard with physical therapy. We released him at 5 months and he’s working his way back to all his sports and happy to be without pain.

  • Brayden - Video testimonial

    Brayden suffered a comminuted (shattered) clavicle (collarbone) fracture and underwent surgery to repair it. This is him only a short time after surgery.

  • Patient: Troy – Three sport high school athlete

  • Deb testimonial - Shoulder capsular distention procedure | Ronak Patel M.D. Orthopedic Surgeon